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BERLIN - German police and terror investigators searched the premises of the As-Sahaba mosque in the Wedding district early Tuesday morning on suspicions of terrorist financing according to the Prosecutor’s office.

45-Year-old Ahmad A. publicly known as Imam Abul Baraa, was arrested on suspicion of providing a jihadist fighter in Syria funds “for the purchase of equipment for the Commission of terrorist offenses”,  the General Prosecutor’s office announced in a Tweet.

[Source: Google News / Bild.de Article 12/18/2018]

As the Berlin Prosecutor General's Office announced on Twitter, the raid in Berlin lasted for several hours on Tuesday morning.
According to investigators, the As-Sahaba Mosque in Wedding was the focus of the morning raid. It has been suspected to be a meeting place for radical Salafists and was under active surveillance by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungschutz).

The As-Sahaba was founded in 2010 by Reda Seyam, who later rose to become ISIS "education minister". Denis Cuspert ("Deso Dogg") and Berlin Christmas Market Attacker Anis Amri are also reported to have met and conspired together at the same mosque . Amri is known to have visited the Fussilet Mosque in Moabit, which closed at the end of January 2017.

According to the notice, Ahmad A., 45, is suspected of providing money to a jihadist fighter in Syria to acquire equipment to commit terrorist offenses. He appears publicly as an imam under the name Abul Baraa. Police say they were on duty with officers from the state criminal office, including state protection, and special forces. A spokesman for the authorities declined to provide further details.


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