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NUREMBERG - German police say three women have been stabbed and wounded in separate attacks in the city of Nuremberg.  Police said there was no indication of any link to terrorism but are investigating whether the incidents could possibly be connected.

Helicopter and K-9 units have been deployed in Nuremberg, Bavaria, as police sweep the city in search of unknown assailant or assailants who stabbed three women, within hours, in different parts of the same neighborhood.

All of the attacks happened on Thursday evening in the city’s St. Johannis District, beginning at about 7:20pm when a 56-year-old woman was stabbed in the upper part of the torso.

[SOURCE: Google News / Washington Post 12/15/2018]

Another woman, 26, was targeted in a similar fashion at about 10:45pm, and a third victim, 34, was attacked shortly afterwards.

The stabbings took place in the city’s St. Johannis district Thursday evening. The first victim, a 56-year-old, required surgery after a man attacked her on the street and fled. The other two attacks took place in quick succession about 3 ½ hours later. A 26-year-old and then a 34-year-old sustained life-threatening injuries. Police said early Friday that they couldn’t rule out the same person having carried out all three attacks despite conflicting statements from the victims.

In the morning, the police also published a description of the offender(s): about 25-30 years old and between 175 and 180 cm tall and normal stature. He is said to have blonde to dark blonde hair, as well as light complexion and three-day beard. There are conflicting details about clothing.

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