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AMBERG - German media under scrutiny for neglecting to report assaults by groups of migrants who went on rampage through Amberg seriously injuring 12 in targeted racist attack against non-migrant citizens of the town. Outrage erupted on social media #Amberg as top news headlines given instead to car attack targeting migrants in Bottrop despite larger number of victims in Amberg case.

German town in shock after asylum-seeking migrants hospitalized 9 people during ‘orgy of violence’.

Four refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Iran were arrested after brutal, unprovoked attacks on a dozen people in Amberg.
Nine people in total had to be treated in hospital for injuries sustained in the attacks.

[Source: voiceofeurope.com Article 1/2/2019]

The arrested men were placed in different jails after attacking twelve people at random in Amberg. The four perpetrators are 17 to 19-years-old.

According to tabloid Bild, the orgy of violence began on Saturday at 6.30 pm. At the station, one of the refugees first kicked Nino M. (only 13) for no reason in the stomach, then hit Marco S. (29, landscape gardener) in the face.

A witness tells the tabloid:
“They called one of us a ‘nigger’ and attacked immediately. We wanted to run away, but they picked us up at the traffic light. There were at least six people. Three of my friends were beaten, I was beaten down and kicked.”

A total of nine people were brought to a nearby hospital and a man who tried to help the victims was also beaten.

The attackers were able to flee at first but arrested Saturday night. They are being charged with aggravated assault.



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