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ESSEN - A group of Lebanese migrant youths violently attacked and injured a female police officer and her partner over the weekend in an Essen ‘Shisha bar’ (Arabic water-pipe bar) during a routine age-control check.

NRW Interior Minister Reul denounced "the brutal violence against the police".
After an attack on two of their officers, the police in Essen are confident that they can identify all of the perpetrators. According to a spokesman, unpublished video recordings exist detailing what happened last Friday at a 'shisha bar', belonging to the Lebanese clan and a known hangout for organized crime families.

[Source: Google News Search / Welt.de Article (Google translated) 09/13/2018]

At around 11.50 pm, police were performing a routine age-check control during which one of the officers was repeatedly disrespected by a member of the clan.
As part of the "zero tolerance strategy" they attempted to detain the individual but were immediately surrounded and harassed by the rest of the clan. In the commotion the suspect fled , a policewoman attempted to pursue, but one of the gang members tripped her. When she straightened up, a 17-year-old pushed her to the ground again kicking and stomping her upper body and lower abdomen.

The officer's partner hastened to her aid and together they managed to subdue the offender but were attacked again by four to five bystanders belonging to the gang. The officers required baton and pepper spray in addition to the assistance of two members of the Essen animal rescue team who happened upon the scene and rushed to help the officers arrest the 17-year-old. The policewoman was so badly injured that she could not continue service and required medical treatment at a local hospital.

Later, the suspects father and brother appeared at the police station to demand his release. They threatened to mobilize their family otherwise, and were expelled from the station.

Minister of the Interior Reul: "The brutal violence against the police is terrifying"

According to the police, they belong to a Lebanese clan in the city. NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) said on WELT-request: "The brutal violence against the police is terrifying ... The case shocked me especially the fast fraternization of the bystanders against the police. This shows that we have to control where clans believe that the road belongs to them. Here we continue to rely on our zero-tolerance strategy, "says Reul.

The police took a "rigorous course" about a year and a half ago, stressed Essen's police chief Frank Richter late Wednesday evening appearing on " Stern TV ". One would "not allow such parallel societies" and was with public order, customs and financial investigators in the process of "lightening dark fields. This bothers these clans, that bothers the shops they run".  According to investigators, this involves a large number of organized crime offenses, such as welfare fraud, drug trafficking and tax offenses.

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Shogun's Avatar
Shogun replied the topic: #1 6 months 6 days ago
Question: Why aren't these thugs getting prosecuted and deported after serving their sentences? "Kuscheljustiz" isn't the answer when they're attacking and theatening police like that, and interfering with the criminal justice system.

And the national politicians are, as expected, MIA on this.