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DRESDEN - Following knife killing of German in Chemnitz, politicians from Saxon's CDU party consider legislation to outlaw "Stichwaffe" stabbing weapons within inner-city areas to thwart rampage attacks.

The CDU faction in the Saxon Landtag demanded a knife and sharp weapons ban in German inner cities. As a lesson from the tragic death in Chemnitz and from incidents in other German cities, the arms law must be tightened, said Bundestag group vice president Stephan Meyer on Thursday in Dresden as reported by

[Source: Handlsblatt / Wiwo Article (translated) 09/06/2018]

"Nobody needs a puncture weapon in a pedestrian zone." Anyone caught with it must be punished. "In our culture, we resolve conflicts peacefully," he said. "If you do not understand that as an asylum seeker, you have to learn it through the state monopoly on legitimate use of force"

According to the Group, in the interests of social peace, a zero-tolerance policy against criminal asylum seekers is needed. They must be quickly convicted after the crime and then deported. "Those who violate our laws have forfeited their claim to protection."

In Chemnitz, a 35-year-old German was stabbed to death by migrants nearly two weeks ago. Days of demonstrations followed, in which violent Antifa and other left-wing extremists rioted and attacked residents of Chemnitz holding a peace vigil for the victim. Right-wing and neo-Nazis also participated, as well as counter-protests. Two 22 and 23-year-old migrant suspects from Iraq and Syria are in custody and another is being searched.

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Shogun replied the topic: #1 6 months 1 week ago
Were knife attacks a problem in Germany before Merkel unilaterally decided to ignore the Dublin Agreement and open Germany's borders?